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12.07.05   Foxy Dismisses her Attorney over Hearing Loss Comments   Foxy Brown fired her high-profile defense attorney, the New York Post reports, after he spoke to the media about Brown's battle with sensorineural hearing loss. With Foxy at his side, attorney Joseph Tacopina told reporters outside Manhattan Criminal Court Monday that his client was "pretty much totally deaf." Foxy had asked that Tacopina discuss only her legal case—not her medical condition—with the press. After hearing Tacopina disclose "improper and inaccurate" information, Foxy says, she fired the lawyer on the spot.

For his part, Tacopina insists that his dismissal stems not from any discussion of Brown's hearing loss, but rather from "a difference of opinion about how to proceed with her case." Tacopina said Foxy had authorized him to discuss her hearing loss in court, and that he later answered reporters' questions about the condition only because they had overheard his courtroom discourse with the judge. On Monday, Foxy's next court appearance was scheduled for December 23, when she will resume her fight against misdemeanor assault charges.

In other news, Foxy met with hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons and Hip-Hop Summit Action Network President Benjamin Chavis yesterday. Later in the evening, Brown and Chavis attended a fundraiser for Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton at Manhattan nightclub Crobar.

12.05.05   Foxy's Case Adjourned until December 23   Amidst a battle with hearing loss, Foxy Brown appeared with attorney Joseph Tacopina in Manhattan Criminal Court Monday to continue her defense against charges of misdemeanor assault, attempted assault, and harassment. Judge Melissa Jackson adjourned Brown's case until December 23, when, Tacopina said, he expects it will finally be resolved. Speaking with reporters after the day's proceedings, Tacopina disclosed that Brown's hearing had yet to show signs of improvement. "She's pretty much totally deaf now," he said. "She can't hear me. We have to write things back and forth. Anything I have to communicate with her now has to be written." Foxy announced during a September court appearance that she would undergo surgery to correct her hearing defect. While that surgery has been completed, Tacopina reported that it was still too early to evaluate the procedure's effectiveness, adding that another surgery was planned. The charges Brown faces stem from an August 2004 altercation with two Manhattan nail salon employees. While prosecutors have offered Brown multiple plea deals over the past year, she rejected them at her attorney's advice. Pleading guilty to assault, Tacopina explained Monday, would leave Foxy vulnerable to civil lawsuits. "We're concerned about the motives of others," he said. "She's been seen as a bull's-eye for a quick payday."

10.21.05   Foxy Attends Katrina Benefit, Bayan Citispa Launch   Foxy Brown attended a fashion show in Newark, New Jersey on October 16, as pictured below left. She and Kaufman Furriers conducted a fur raffle at the show, which was organized to benefit the victims of hurricane Katrina. In other news, Foxy and her publicist Marvette Britto appeared at Bayan Citispa yesterday evening, celebrating the Manhattan salon's grand opening (below, right). Visit the Photo Gallery to view more photos from each event.

10.14.05   Foxy Speaks to People About Her Hearing Loss, Records B.I.G. Duet
Foxy Brown appears on the cover of People magazine's October 24 issue, as pictured below. In the accompanying article, Brown breaks her silence on her recently announced hearing loss, the product of a rare condition that affects fewer than one in 10,000 people. Foxy first noticed symptoms at the beginning of the year, while recording her new album, Black Roses. After a doctor's visit failed to provide any relief, she chose to ignore the problem in the hope that it would simply go away. By the end of May, however, Brown realized that she was going deaf.

Supermodel friend Naomi Campbell convinced Foxy to undergo surgery, which has restored twenty percent of her hearing. With additional surgeries planned, Foxy is hopeful for a full recovery. "The doctors aren't saying that it's definite that I won't hear again," she told People. "They say I may be able to hear with an implant. I know it will be an uphill battle." The October 24 issue of People is available now at newsstands everywhere.

In other news, reports that Foxy will appear on The Notorious B.I.G.'s upcoming Duets album. Foxy put in studio time with producer P. Diddy just this past weekend, recording her first ever collaboration with Biggie. Fellow Brooklyn rapper Fabolous also appears on the still-untitled track. The album, entitled The Notorious B.I.G. Duets: The Final Chapter, is due in stores November 29.

10.07.05   Foxy Lands Book Deal with Simon & Schuster   The New York Daily News reports that Foxy Brown has signed a deal to write her autobiography with assistance from former Source editor Kim Osario. The book, entitled Broken Silence, will discuss Foxy's life and rise to stardom. Simon Spotlight Entertainment, a subsidiary of Simon & Schuster, Inc., will publish the book sometime next year.

09.28.05   Foxy Attends Birthday Bash, Drops Out of Canadian Concert   Foxy Brown (pictured at left) attended a party at Manhattan nightclub Ruby Falls this past Sunday to formally celebrate her twenty-sixth birthday, which had taken place earlier in the month. Visit the Photo Gallery now to view more photos from the event. Foxy, who previously announced that the party would mark her last public appearance before a temporary hiatus, will now prepare for ear surgery to correct a hearing problem. Citing the impending procedure, Foxy cancelled her concert at the Pop Montreal music festival, which had been scheduled to take place this Friday. Nas, a fellow member of The Firm, has been announced to replace Brown at the venue.

09.23.05   Foxy on Hiatus to Address Hearing Problem   Exiting Manhattan Criminal Court yesterday morning, Foxy Brown announced that she would temporarily stop performing to undergo surgery for a hearing defect. Though she declined to discuss her condition further, Foxy admitted that her birthday party this coming Sunday would mark her last public appearance. Brown said she would finish her new album and recover from surgery while on hiatus. Foxy had been in court earlier in the morning to continue her fight against assault charges stemming from an August 2004 altercation with two Manhattan manicurists. "I'm innocent," Brown told reporters outside the courthouse. "I feel like I'm being railroaded." Foxy's attorney, Joseph Tacopina, expressed confidence that she would be acquitted at trial. He added that the two nail salon employees "don't want to proceed. This is a waste of their time, her [Brown's] time, and the public's time." Brown, pictured at left, left the courthouse in a Mercedes SLK350. Her trial is set to begin December 5.

09.18.05   Foxy Attends Fashion Week Shows in New York   Foxy Brown attended the premieres of several designers' spring 2006 collections during Olympus Fashion Week, the semi-annual event held at Bryant Park in Manhattan. On Tuesday, September 13, Brown attended both the Chris Aire and Jacob & Co. shows, as pictured to the left below. She came out to view the Zac Posen collection (below, center) on Thursday evening, and rounded out the week on Friday at the Fashion for Relief show (below, right), which raised money to support the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Visit The Hot Spot's Photo Gallery to view more pictures of Foxy at the aforementioned Fashion Week events.

In other news, supermodel Naomi Campbell will host a birthday party for Foxy Brown on Sunday, September 25. The belated celebration (Foxy's birthday was on September 6) will be held at Ruby Falls nightclub on West 29th Street in Manhattan. Call 917.569.7277 or 646.331.7277 for more information.

09.12.05   Foxy Brown Sued over 2004 Baby Phat Incident   Foxy Brown attended the Baby Phat after party in Manhattan's VIP Room yesterday evening, celebrating the launch of the brand's spring line with designer Kimora Lee Simmons, her husband Russel Simmons, and other celebrity friends. Brown (pictured below) arrived with actor/model Tyson Beckford, marking their second joint appearance in three days and fueling rumors that the pair is dating.

Incidentally, Foxy awoke this morning to a lawsuit stemming from
an incident at last year's Baby Phat event, the Washington Times reports. While preparing to leave the party in the early morning hours of September 12, 2004, Brown was assaulted in a restroom, and later told police that designer Tanya Manderson had ripped a $250,000 earring from her ear and stole a $7,000 Louis Vuitton handbag. Manderson, who was also identified by another witness at the nightclub, was subsequently charged with robbery, grand larceny, and criminal possession of stolen property.

In spite of the charges, Manderson has maintained her innocence, and today filed suit against Brown, Black Crow Productions, Black Roses Entertainment, and Def Jam seeking undisclosed restitutions for "false accusations." Neither Foxy nor Def Jam representatives have commented on the suit.

09.10.05   Foxy Attends Hurricane Relief Fundraiser   Yesterday evening, Foxy Brown joined fellow celebrities at BET's S.O.S. ("Saving OurSelves") event in a bid to raise contributions to the network's Hurricane Katrina relief telethon. Hosted by Queen Latifah and Steve Harvey, the event rasied more than $10 million. Foxy, pictured below, arrived with model Tyson Beckford.

09.06.05   Foxy Turns 26, Will Perform at Montreal Festival   Born September 6, 1979, Foxy Brown turns 26 today. Happy Birthday, Foxy! In other news, Brown will join Beck, Interpol, and other artists in performing at the 2005 Pop Montreal festival, scheduled to take place at various venues throughout the city from September 28 through October 2.

08.05.05   Foxy Rejects Second Plea Deal   Appearing in Manhattan Criminal Court earlier today, Foxy Brown (pictured below) rejected a second plea offer in connection with her alleged attack on two manicurists in a Chelsea nail salon last August. Confident of her innocence, Foxy rejected prosecutors' first plea deal in May; their similar offer this afternoon would have required Foxy to plead guilty to misdemeanor assault and serve ten days of community service. "She didn't commit any misdemeanor," explained Brown's attorney, Joseph Tacopina. "That's the bottom line." While in court, Tacopina filed a motion to dismiss the charges against Foxy. Barring any further negotiation with the prosecution, however, Brown's trial will begin September 22.

07.30.05   Foxy's Court Date Rescheduled   Foxy Brown's next court appearance, originally scheduled to begin Thursday, July 28, has been moved to August 5 at the request of Brown's attorney. The case stems from an August 2004 altercation between Foxy and two manicurists; the salon workers claim that Brown assaulted them following a payment dispute. This past May, Foxy rejected a prosecution plea offer and dismissed the manicurists' claims as a ploy to extort her.

In other news, Foxy's latest single continues to perform well on urban radio. "Come Fly With Me," the lead single from Brown's upcoming album, is steadily climbing the "Billboard" charts: this week, it occupies the #59 spot on the Rap and R&B Singles Chart. Black Roses, Brown's fourth solo LP, is still officially scheduled for an August 23 release, though the album will likely be pushed back to allow time to add finishing touches, film a music video, and launch a promotional campaign.

06.20.05   Foxy Appears on Cover of XXL Magazine   Jay-Z, Foxy Brown, Kanye West, and Lebron James appear on the cover (pictured at left) of XXL magazine's August issue, which is arriving at newsstands now. The accompanying article discusses Jay-Z's role as Def Jam president, and includes an interview with S. Carter himself, as well as commentaries from other Def Jam/Roc-A-Fella artists. Foxy writes about her longstanding relationship with Jay, and details his input on her forthcoming Black Roses LP. "Jay and I believe there is no one else who can do reggae-hip-hop like me," she explains, "so out of twelve songs on the album, I have five reggae and seven hip-hop." Though Brown acknowledges a falling-out with Jay that followed the release of her Chyna Doll album, she reassures readers that their relationship is stronger than ever, both having learned from past mistakes. "In my heart of hearts, I always knew we would be together again," she adds, "because I know that our love is genuine for each other and it supercedes music." Be sure to support Foxy and Roc-A-Fella by picking up a copy of XXL today.

06.17.05   Foxy's Latest Single Climbing the Billboard Charts   "Come Fly With Me," the lead single off of Foxy Brown's upcoming Black Roses album, has jumped to number sixty one week after debuting at number seventy-seven on Billboard's Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart. Brown is working with director Hype Williams to produce a music video to accompany the track. Black Roses is due in stores August 23.

In other news, Foxy's remix to the 112 single "U Already Know" is a certified hit: having peaked at number three on the R&B/Hip-Hop chart, the song is holding strong at number nine nearly five months after its release. In the wake of "U Already Know" and its undeniable success, Foxy may have yet another hit collaboration to add to her résumé. Rumors indicate she'll make a guest appearance on "Feenin' For It," a track from the self-titled debut of fellow Roc-A-Fella recording artist Teairra Mari. That album is scheduled for an August 2 release.

06.08.05   Foxy Says Black Roses is Amazing, but Delayed until August   In a recent interview with MTV journalist Shaheem Reid, Foxy Brown and label boss Jay-Z discussed the making of Black Roses, Brown's much-anticipated fourth solo album. Although the LP had originally been scheduled for a July 26 release, it has since been pushed back to August 23. Foxy explained that the album is almost complete, insisting that "the music coming out is amazing."

Jay-Z will appear on three songs, and Foxy indicated she was rather proud of the collaborations. "Jay is in a class by himself and doesn't easily get on people's records," she explained. "For him to want to be such a part of my music means I'm doing a great job. There's definitely a 'Bonnie and Clyde' [part] four, five and six on my album."

With the first Black Roses single (reggae-influenced "Come Fly With Me") hitting radio now, Foxy touched on Jay-Z's support of her unique Caribbean-tinged style. Recalling the difficulties experienced while recording previous album Broken Silence, Foxy explained "My parents are Trinidadian, and that's my culture. I wanted to incorporate dancehall, reggae, and soca into hip-hop. The powers that be at Def Jam weren't having it. I said, 'Screw y'all, I'm doing it anyway.' I did." Thankfully, friend and new Def Jam president Jay-Z allowed Foxy the creative freedom she once had fought for. "[For this album] Jay said, 'You're the only one that can do that, let's stick with that.'" Visit for the full interview, and be sure to request "Come Fly With Me" on your local radio station.

05.12.05   Foxy Debuts New Single, Announces Album Release Date   Foxy Brown announced yesterday that her fourth solo album, Black Roses, will be released on July 26, 2005. During the interview with New York City radio personality Angie Martinez, Foxy and Jay-Z discussed the upcoming album and debuted its first single, "Come Fly With Me." Foxy briefly addressed her ongoing trial and last month's altercation with Jacki-O, but focused mainly on her relationship with Jay-Z and Roc-A-Fella Records. In regard to her new album, Foxy mentioned that Black Roses would include collaborations with both her "favorite female rapper" and Mary J. Blige, but she wouldn't give any further details. Acclaimed director Hype Williams is set to helm the video for "Come Fly With Me."

In other news, Foxy (pictured below) attended a press conference on Monday, May 10 to lend her support to the Million More March. Foxy joined Louis Farrakhan, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and other black leaders and celebrities at New York City's Sheraton Hotel to announce plans for the national gathering, which will commemorate the tenth anniversary of the Million Man March this fall.

05.06.05   Foxy Rejects Prosecution's Plea Offer   Returning to Manhattan Criminal Court Friday to face assault charges stemming from
an August 2004 altercation with two manicurists, Foxy Brown rejected a plea deal that would have precluded jail time, probation, or other conditions. Brown's high profile defense counsel, attorney Joseph Tacopina, explained that while the deal would ordinarily be a good one, Foxy is not guilty and therefore will not admit committing any crime. Tacopina also said that he would file a motion to dismiss the charges against Brown, citing a lack of evidence on the prosecution's part. As she left court, Foxy told reporters, "I have confidence in the criminal justice system. I am confident that I will be exonerated." Brown's next court appearance was scheduled for July 28.

05.02.05   Foxy Denies Physical Confrontation with Jacki-O   Foxy Brown has refuted Jacki-O's much-publicized claim that the two were involved in a brawl at a Miami recording studio last Monday. During an interview on the city's 99 Jamz morning show later in the week, Brown acknowledged that a disagreement had taken place, but insisted "there were never any blows thrown."

Foxy said that she had stopped by the studio to visit friends from Brooklyn, but never had any intention of recording with Jacki-O. In fact, Foxy claimed that she has repeatedly refused requests to record with her over the past three years, and guessed that Jacki-O's rejection-fueled animosity was the cause of the whole disagreement. "I walk in the studio, jealousy took its course, and that was that," Brown explained, adding, "I did say that she needs to have some respect." Dismissing Jacki-O's account of the incident as a ploy to gain publicity, Foxy said "this story is the most erroneous story I've heard in my entire life. I am waiting for a check from [Jacki-O's] independent label because I have given that girl the most promotion she's ever received, ever... we are talking about someone who has never sold a record in their life."

Foxy took the opportunity to discuss her own upcoming fourth album, Black Roses, explaining that the LP is scheduled for release in July. She also mentioned that her planned MTV reality show is no longer under development, although she added that her relationship with the network remains strong and with other projects in the works.

04.26.05   Jacki-O and Foxy in Scuffle at Miami Studio   A fight broke out between Foxy Brown and fellow female rapper Jacki-O early Monday morning in an exclusive Miami recording studio, reports. Foxy dropped by Circle House Studios around 2:00AM to visit friend and fellow Brooklyn rap artist Gravy, who had been recording a track with Jacki-0. Believing she hadn't been greeted very respectfully, Brown began to argue with Jacki-O, and the dispute soon devolved into a fistfight that needed to be broken up, witnesses claim. Jacki-O has publicly renounced all blame, while representatives for Circle House, Foxy Brown, and her label Def Jam would not comment.